Our June Book of the Month
Year of the Orphan
Daniel Findlay

Mischa says; Daniel Findlay is an exciting new voice in Australian fiction, with his debut novel a stylistically brave and provocative page-turner! The distinctive language draws you into a post-apocalyptic Australian landscape, wrought with destruction, desolation, and scavengers. Whilst some might find the main character’s dialogue jarring, it works with Orphan herself and the unfolding narrative to paint an emotionally raw and devastated new world that weaves elements of classic dystopian novels to create something entirely different. There is something believably chilling about ‘The System’ - a walled dessert community that fears the past and the undoing that it left – and an intensity that encompasses you as you read that will not relinquish until you’ve read right to the very eerie, yet somewhat hopeful end. This is a book that deserves to become an Australian classic and is sure to devour a piece of your heart every time you read it!



Our June International Book of the Month
The End We Start From
Megan Hunter

 Dean says; Perfect! Sparse, beautiful prose with exacting descriptions that ache to be read out loud. I read this extraordinary book in one night, turning to my partner from time to time to read out loud. When I finished with a glow and absolute love for this strange and perfect book- I instantly began re-reading, my partner then took the book from me and continued to devour it with as much zeal as I had. This book needs to be shared, it’s meditation is alluring and powerful.

A mysterious environmental crisis submerges London under water. A woman gives birth to her first child Z then must escape the rising water. This is my favourite book of the year.



Australian Fiction  
The Last Garden
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Girl in Between
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The River Sings
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The Museum of Modern Love
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The Shadow Land,
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The Fourteenth Letter: The New Page-Turning Thriller Filled with a Labyrinth of Secrets
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Sorry to Disrupt the Peace
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Young Adult  
Singing My Sister Down and Other Stories
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Defy the Stars
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Flying Through Clouds
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Children's Books  
Grandad's Secret Giant
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The Street Beneath My Feet
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I Can Only Draw Worms
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Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar
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Mountain Berries and Desert Spice: Sweet Inspiration from the Hunza Valley to the Arabian Sea
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Junk Food Japan: Addictive Food from Kurobuta
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Dumpling Galaxy Cookbook
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Coastline: The Food of Mediterranean Spain, France and Italy
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Abandon Me: Memoirs
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The Fabulous Flying Mrs Miller: An Australian's True Story of Adventure, Danger, Romance and Murder
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Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia and the Biggest Funeral in the History of the World
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