Weather by Jenny Offill

Weather by Jenny Offill

Our April Book of the Month


by Jenny Offill

"The title of this novel immediately brought to mind the childhood poem ‘whether the weather is fine’ and the play on the homonym of weather, the meaning of whether, and from here more questions about choice, meaning and alternatives. Like ‘Dept of Speculation’, ‘Weather’ is written in fragments seemingly just patched together in a way that feels both too close and too distant for comfort. The style reflects the present disparities of our experience of the virtual world & its physical experience.  An arc that is more like a cardiogram than a parabola, the novels shifts horizontally offering prepper tips, witty reflections on parenting, ironic observation of political conditions, mortality and late stage capitalism. Sharp & stunning." – Virginia.

"Choppy observations which skip from thought to thought and offer the psychological toll of modern life. Lizzie is many things; a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a librarian, a doomsdayer and a very relatable person struggling to balance her busy, unravelling personal life which is impacted by the anxiety of a world on the precipice of disaster. Offill has crafted this novel with a restrained skill that appears effortless. She carefully builds the emotional weight of each small scene adding dashes of humour. A small and insightful, read from an interesting voice making comment on climate change and its impact on the modern condition. Longlisted for the prestigious Woman’s Prize for Fiction 2020, this is a major contender to take out the title." - Dean



In a Jar by Deborah Marcero

Our April Illustrated Kids' Book of the Month

In a Jar

by Deborah Marcero

Llewellyn is a collector and likes to spend his time gathering all kinds of things in jars. One day he meets another rabbit, Evelyn, and together they start collecting more things, extraordinary things like rainbows, the sound of the ocean and the wind just before snow falls. These jars help remind them of all the wonderful they have seen and done together. But what happens when Evelyn’s family moves away? How can the two friends continue their magical collection, and their special friendship, from afar? A beautifully illustrated story of friendship and creativity.” - Reem



How to Grow a Family Tree by Eliza Henry Jones

Our April Kids' Fiction Book of the Month

How to Grow a Family Tree

by Eliza Henry Jones

17-year-old Stella has just been landed with an emotional triple whammy: her father has lost the family home due to a gambling addiction; the family has to move to a caravan park immediately; and she’s just received a letter from her birth mother for the first time. Lucky she’s read a tonne of self-help books to help her ‘fix’ things … umm … not. Stella’s story sees her rethink her viewpoint of the people and world around her, and how things, even though tough, aren’t always as bad as they seem. I loved the engaging characters, the Australian setting and Stella’s realisation that maybe not everything needs fixing. A great read for ages 14 and up.” - Sylvia


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