This month Fergus reviews
The First Bad Man
by Miranda July

Cheryl—single, childless, same job for 20 years, living alone, repressed/depressed but sort of dealing with it—is coasting into middle age. Her semi-comfortable holding pattern of a life involves quite a deal of consolatory fantasy, fed by dregs of futile romantic optimism, whose main object is the remote and father-figureish (and rather nasty) Phillip. So when 21y.o. Clee—pink chalk to Cheryl’s old cheese (though it’s Clee who actually smells bad)—moves in, very unwelcomely, things are maybe going to get complicated, interesting, worse, better… And they do, a lot! MJ’s signature mix of astute observation and stylistic quirk tells the story perfectly.




This month Amelia reviews
The Flywheel

There is a lot going on in seventeen-year-old Delilah’s life. She’s being bullied at school for having a crush on one of the cool girls, and she’s trying to run her Dad’s café while he travels the world to “find himself.” Meanwhile her best friend Charlie keeps dragging her into his own romantic misadventures, causing a whole lot of drama.

This sharp and realistic coming-of-age story introduces one of the most genuine protagonists I’ve come across in YA in a long time, and offers a refreshing perspective that is too often overlooked within the genre.


RRP: 19.95
Online Price: $16.96

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Miranda July
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Richard Flanagan
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Aaron Blabey

5. Everything I Never Told You
Celeste Ng

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