The Vanishing Half

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Our June Book of the Month

The Vanishing Half

by Brit Bennett

"The Vanishing Half is a brilliant counter narrative of doubling at its finest. Brit Bennett doubles character in lives of twin girls, skin colour & gender in an astonishing contemporary story of survival & colorism in the lives of a family in 1950s Louisiana. Light-coloured twins run away from their light-coloured home town, one sister Stella recognises she can ‘pass’ as white and lives in that persona, while the other sister raises a child from an abusive partner in her home town who is ‘blueblack’. Deeper issues of trans generational trauma, appearance & disappearance, rejection, fear and internalised racism complicate this masterpiece that stars some of the most complex and beautiful characters I’ve ever read.– Virginia.

"Incredible. This is my kind of character-driven read. I loved everything about it. I was so utterly absorbed that this was my world for a few days. Nothing could stand in the way. A family epic where twin sisters live apart, one as black, the other white. Race and identity are the themes that drive the strong narrative to a head-shaking, tearful conclusion. Bennett’s unfolding of the story is handled with such finesse, she is the most beautiful writer. Her previous book The Mothers was a favourite here at BRTD but The Vanishing Half is a masterpiece and I beg everyone to read it, this is a perfect read.– Dean.

"I loved this book! The Vanishing Half is an engrossing, exquisitely-told story of twin sisters raised in a light-skinned Black community who, despite escaping the small town together, become estranged. Brit Bennett explores colorism and the American history of racial "passing" with affectionate glances to Toni Morrison and Nella Larsen. She weaves multiple perspectives and narrative strands with such skill, illuminating the unknowable minds of other people, the desire to rewrite your life or be something other than your origins, and the complex, sacrificial ties we make to family. A masterful, compelling, luminous novel." – Emma Co.



There's No Such Thing

Our June Illustrated Kids' Book of the Month

There's No Such Thing

Written and Illustrated by Heidi McKinnon

Perhaps the monster beneath your bed at night is just in your head! There’s No Such Thing follows a big, friendly bear having trouble falling asleep at night on his camping trip – there are too many frightening things that seem to keep him awake in the wild. Good thing he has his supportive and cuddly Teddy by his side to tell him there’s no such thing as a “blood-sucking spider” or a “hungry giant”. Flipping through this delight of a story may bring you to see that most things we fear at night, whether it is the ghoul in your closet or the ghost upstairs, turn out not to be as real as we think!” – Ariel



The End of the World is Bigger Than Love

Our June Kids' Fiction Book of the Month

The End of the World is Bigger than Love

by Davina Bell



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6. Normal People
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7. Weather
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See What You Made Me Do by Jess Hill

Congratulations to the 2020 winner of the Stella Prize:
See What You Made Me Do
by Jess Hill