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The Public Health Impacts of Gaza's Water Crisis: Analysis and Policy Options

The Public Health Impacts of Gaza's Water Crisis: Analysis...

Author: Shira Efron ,  Jordan R Fischbach
ISBN: 9781977401632
Format: Paperback

Gaza suffers a shortage of potable water and a lack of wastewater sanitation. The authors relate Gaza's water problems...  Read More >>

The Evolving Israel-China Relationship

The Evolving Israel-China Relationship

Author: Shira Efron ,  Howard J Shatz
ISBN: 9781977402332
Format: Paperback

Since the early 2000s, relations between China and Israel have expanded in terms of trade, investment, and educational...  Read More >>

The Strategic Perspective and Long-Term Socioeconomic Strategies for Israel: Key Methods with an Application to Aging

The Strategic Perspective and Long-Term Socioeconomic...

Author: Steven W. Popper ,  Howard J. Shatz
ISBN: 9780833090737
Format: Paperback

This report highlights selected inputs made to a high-level Israeli government team assessing how to bring a strategic...  Read More >>

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