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Understanding Rett Syndrome: A guide to symptoms, management and treatment

Understanding Rett Syndrome: A guide to symptoms, management...

Author: Rosa Angela Fabio ,  Tindara Capri
ISBN: 9781138600560
Format: Paperback

Understanding Rett Syndrome offers a concise, evidence-based introduction to Rett Syndrome (RTT), covering a range...  Read More >>

Relationship Between Automatic & Controlled Processes of Attention & Leading to Complex Thinking

Relationship Between Automatic & Controlled Processes...

Author: Rosa Angela Fabio
ISBN: 9781607418108
Format: Hardback

Automatic processing is effortless, fast and fairly error-free. Controlled processing is effortful, slow and prone...  Read More >>

Attention Today

Attention Today

Author: Tindara Capri ,  Rosa Angela Fabio
ISBN: 9781536154412
Format: Paperback

This book aims to present an overview of current research and dominant theories on human attention. It presents...  Read More >>

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