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Understanding Spiritual Power: A Forgotten Dimension of Cross-Cultural Mission and Ministry

Understanding Spiritual Power: A Forgotten Dimension...

Author: Marguerite G Kraft
ISBN: 9781592443093
Format: Paperback


Frontline Women: Negotitating Cross-Cultural Issues in Ministry

Frontline Women: Negotitating Cross-Cultural Issues...

Author: Marguerite G Kraft ,  Marla Campbell
ISBN: 9780878083992
Format: Paperback

Frontline Women is a collection of writings on women's issues from those who have had mission field experience....  Read More >>

Introductory Hausa

Introductory Hausa

Author: Charles H. Kraft ,  Marguerite G. Kraft
ISBN: 9780520301986
Format: Paperback

Hausa is the first language of over twenty-five million ethnic Hausa people and an important trade language throughout...  Read More >>

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