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Vertigo & Ghost

Vertigo & Ghost

Author: Fiona Benson
ISBN: 9781787330818
Format: Paperback

It sounds out the complex and ambivalent terrain of early motherhood - its anxieties and claustrophobias as well...  Read More >>

Bright Travellers

Bright Travellers

Author: Fiona Benson
ISBN: 9780224099493
Format: Paperback

`I remember again / the corridor / of the labour ward // and that woman / sitting weeping / with her man // having...  Read More >>

Engaging in Conversation about Ideas in Teacher Education

Engaging in Conversation about Ideas in Teacher Education...

Author: Caroline Riches ,  Fiona Benson
ISBN: 9781433101526
Format: Hardback

This collection of essays lays bare cutting-edge ideas - and the ensuing dilemmas - in teacher education. Through...  Read More >>

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