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History, Big History, & Metahistory

History, Big History, & Metahistory

Author: David C Krakauer ,  John Lewis Gaddis
ISBN: 9781947864108
Format: Hardback

Is there a science of history ? Must historians be scientists? What is history anyway? Celebrated researchers...  Read More >>

Worlds Hidden in Plain Sight: The Evolving Idea of Complexity at the Santa Fe Institute, 1984-2019

Worlds Hidden in Plain Sight: The Evolving Idea of Complexity...

Author: David C Krakauer
ISBN: 9781947864146
Format: Hardback

From power outages to predicting the future, this volume juxtaposes current research at the Santa Fe Institute with...  Read More >>

InterPlanetary Transmissions: Genesis: Proceedings of the Santa Fe Institute's First InterPlanetary Festival

InterPlanetary Transmissions: Genesis: Proceedings of...

Author: David C Krakauer ,  Caitlin L McShea
ISBN: 9781947864238
Format: Hardback

The InterPlanetary Project seeks to engage with pressing problems of today by imagining the challenges of tomorrow....  Read More >>

Emerging Syntheses in Science: Proceedings from the Founding Workshops of the Santa Fe Institute

Emerging Syntheses in Science: Proceedings from the...

Author: David Pines ,  Geoffrey West
ISBN: 9781947864115
Format: Hardback

Santa Fe, October 1984. Many of the most accomplished creative minds in science--including four Nobel laureates--gather...  Read More >>

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