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Japanese Tourism

Japanese Tourism

Author: Carolin Funck (Hiroshima University, Japan) ,  Malcolm Cooper (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan)
ISBN: 9781306142328
Format: Electronic book text

The changing patterns of Japanese tourism and the views of the Japanese tourist since the Meiji Restoration, in...  Read More >>

Living Cities in Japan: Citizens' Movements, Machizukuri and Local Environments

Living Cities in Japan: Citizens' Movements, Machizukuri...

Author: Andrew Sorensen ,  Carolin Funck
ISBN: 9780415547079
Format: Paperback

Examines the growth and nature of such civil society participation in local urban and environmental governance....  Read More >>

Living Cities in Japan

Living Cities in Japan

Author: Andre Sorensen (University of Toronto, Canada) ,  Andre Sorensen (University of Toronto, Canada)
ISBN: 9781280918346
Format: Electronic book text

Over the last fifteen years local citizens' movements have spread rapidly throughout Japan. Created with the aim...  Read More >>

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