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Renaissance Mad Voyages: Experiments in Early Modern English Travel

Renaissance Mad Voyages: Experiments in Early Modern...

Author: Anthony Parr ,  Bret L. Rothstein
ISBN: 9781472457097
Format: Hardback

A vogue for travel 'stunts' flourished in England between 1590 and the 1620s: playful imitations or burlesques of...  Read More >>

The Anthropomorphic Lens: Anthropomorphism, Microcosmism and Analogy in Early Modern Thought and Visual Arts

The Anthropomorphic Lens: Anthropomorphism, Microcosmism...

Author: Michel Weemans ,  Walter Melion
ISBN: 9789004261709
Format: Hardback

Anthropomorphism closely relates to early modern notions of analogy and microcosm. Exploring the tension inherent...  Read More >>

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